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Welcome to Ski-Manager! Online management game of your ski resort!

You love winter sports? You were born to manage your own business? You enjoy playing online games or are simply looking for something different? Ski-Manager is for you!

Choose a location, create your own resort, and start building the most attractive ski area of all times! Place your slopes and lifts on the map, build restaurants, rental shops, hire staff for your skibuses and snow groomers and manage the budget like an expert! Basically, make sure everything is there to attract a maximum of tourists and expand your business.
Watch out for bad weather and avoid injuries or your reputation will be affected!
Ski-Manager is a free online management game, soon available is several languages. Register and start playing now, it's for free! The game, launched in September 2018 is in its early stage and all feedback is more than welcome.
Need more Genepis? Buy them through Paypal
2019-10-12 14:20:12
You can now buy Genepis via the secure payment service Paypal! Go to Account > Genepis for more info.
"Upgrade for XXX €" achievements corrected
2019-10-06 13:58:38
The "Upgrade for XXX €" achievements were not updated when upgrading a building. They were only updated when upgrading a lift or equipment. This is now corrected.
Borrow more money!
2019-10-05 13:12:00
It is now possible to subscribe to more loans at the same time! You can have up to one standard loan and two VIP loans simultaneously, or three VIP loans.
Changes related to unlocking achievements
2019-09-27 11:39:15
Some background mechanisms have been changed when unlocking achievements. If you experience anything strange or if achievements don't get unlocked, contact us. It's also worth trying to close/open a slope/lift if the achievement is connected to that action.
Upgrade costs significantly reduced!
2019-09-23 21:54:56
The upgrade costs of buildings, lifts and equipment have been significantly reduced to help players to develop their resort and also reflect the fact that a large investment has already been made for the initial construction. Time to spend that money!
Follow your reputation progress!
2019-09-23 21:39:38
You can now see the evolution of your reputation over time, similarly to your affluence, snow level, expenses or revenues, check the Finances page to check out the new graph.
Limited number of ski/snowboard instructors
2019-09-16 11:09:43
There is now a limit of ski/snowboard instructors, connected to the number of slopes in the resort. If you hit the limit, you need to build more slopes. You don't want your slopes invaded by ski schools right? :)
Slope 19 relocated
2019-08-31 21:29:58
Slope 19 is now part of sector 3 (previously sector 2)
Leaderboard and reputation updated
2019-08-24 11:12:18
The leaderboard and the reputation level has been updated as mentioned in the previous news.
Reputation adjustment due to bug
2019-08-21 12:22:13
Some players have been affected by a bug, granting them additional reputation and cash. The problem should be corrected but the reputation needs to be adjustment. You might see your reputation reduced in the coming days. Once the operation is complete, a new post will be done here.
Sector 4 is waiting for you!
2019-08-21 08:01:52
That's it! The work in sector 4 is completed and this new area is waiting for you to invest. With 7 lifts and 22 slopes there are plenty of opportunities to attract even more tourists! Some even say that they have seen some activity in sector 5... But these are only rumors... or?
Ski schools rebalancing
2019-08-19 11:28:10
Revenues generated by the ski schools have been rebalanced (reduced).
Join our Discord server!
2019-06-27 10:11:44
Wanna discuss with other players, ask for help or exchange about your favorite topics? Join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/PQNssrN
3 000 000€ give for each new season started!
2019-04-25 21:32:30
Great news! Each new season started (after day 135) will give you a bonus of 3 000 000€ to help making new investments! For those who are already playing the second season, you have also received this gift!
Error in display of marketing campaigns
2019-03-28 19:47:03
Small errors regarding the level of marketing campaign published have been displayed on the Activity page. Normal levels are expected to be rectified shortlly. The gain related to the campaigns is however correct and as stated in the Marketing campaign page.
Less injuries in your resorts!
2019-03-04 20:20:47
The nightly algorithm has been adjusted so there will be less injuries each day. The amount of reputation lost per injury has also been decreased. Injuries can be avoided by hiring highly-skilled ski patrol of all your slopes and keeping a good snow quality (highly-skilled Snow groomer mechanic).
Markting campaigns are back!
2018-12-28 12:37:39
Did you know that you could increase your revenue by logging to the game everyday and publishing Marketing Campaigns? You can also attract more tourists and earn reputation. Go to Management > Marketing and get started right now!
Marketing campaigns disabled
2018-11-16 16:51:41
Marketing campaigns have been temporary disabled and will be reworked in a couple of weeks. Until then, there are plenty of other things to do!
Beginner's guide completed!
2018-10-05 21:05:16
The beginner's guide is completed and ready to help you building your resort! Visit the wiki to learn more!
Ski-Manager available in French
2018-09-24 11:14:04
Ski-Manager is now available in French!
Bank adjustment
2018-09-12 17:12:14
In order to prevent indebtedness, it is no longer possible to subscribe a loan if your revenues are not covering the loan cost.
Grand opening of Ski-Manager
2018-09-05 20:04:34
It's time! Time to build your ski resort and make it the most attractive and profitable! The game has now opened so register and start investing wisely! :)
Ski-Manager in number:
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  • 338 slopes
  • 253 lifts
  • 4600906 tourists since opening
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